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Matilda Martel

Agreeably Arranged

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  • age gap romance
  • arranged marriage
  • billionaire romance
  • unrequited love
  • wide age gap
  • instalove
  • possessive alpha
  • virgin heroine


Within Manhattan’s oldest families, where money marries money and pedigrees have nothing to do with dogs, rebellious children are reeled in with arranged marriages under threat of disinheritance.

But what if an arranged marriage brings you the man of your dreams and the girl you’ve always wanted?

Lola Forsythe has loved bad boy Castor Dewitt since she was a child. Castor never thought he'd fall in love until he spied grown-up Lola at a family wedding. Just when both have resigned themselves to loveless, arranged marriages, fate intervenes and they discover the truth about their secret feelings.
Now that they're together, they're not letting anyone tear them apart from the true love of their life.
This is a quick, sweet, steamy read with true love, weddings and a guaranteed, happy ending.