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Matilda Martel

Blind Spot

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  • instalove romance
  • enemies to lovers romance
  • office romance
  • extra steamy
  • obsessed alpha hero


Warren Gonzalez thinks he’s a player---the worst kind of player.

Twelve years ago, he was a high school All-American athlete and prom king. Eight years ago, he was president of his fraternity and the big man on campus. When he arrived in Manhattan with a coveted job on Wall Street, he expected to take the Big Apple by storm and have hordes of beautiful ladies falling for his Texas charm.

Warren was wrong.

One bad experience after another have made him bitter and turned him into a world-class jerk. He’s in desperate need of a wake-up call--- someone to come along and dropkick his overinflated ego before he hurts himself. 

Lacey Dillon is that someone.

Lacey might be fresh out of college, but she’s not naïve in the ways of the world. When she signed up to work for Digby Financial Services, she expected to work side by side with men like Warren. Wall Street is crawling with his ilk. No matter how many times he swears he’s turned over a new leaf, she refuses every cheesy advance and puts him in his place.

She wasn’t born yesterday. Players love a challenge. Lacey’s convinced he wants revenge for his daily rejection, and she’s got no time for shenanigans.

But Warren’s just getting started. For the first time in his life, he knows what he wants, and he can’t give up without a fight.

His admiration is sincere, but Lacey’s won’t give him an inch. Fed up with her knee-jerk rejections, he hacks her new blind dating app and hijacks her social calendar, sending her into a spiral of simmering sexual frustration.

Can a reformed wanna-be playboy win the heart of a hard-as-nails good girl in disguise?

Will Warren’s sad game and desperate moves break down Lacey’s walls long enough to let him sweep her off her feet?

Find out in this enemies to lovers office romance and book two of the Love is Blind series.