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Gilded Cage Signed Paperback

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Evie: I thought I’d cheated fate. I was a fool to believe I’d escape my parents’ unreasonable expectations. I was wrong.

In two days, I marry Sterling Gallagher---a vile, sadistic bully incapable of pity. With him by my side, I’ll have a long and miserable life devoid of love. I’ll never know passion. I’ll never know happiness. My life is over.

Before I surrender---before I let him trap me in his gilded cage---I’ll take one solitary taste of love.

I’ll make one memory not even Sterling can steal. I’ll give my innocence to the man who owns my heart.

One night with Deacon Gallagher will have to last me a lifetime.

Deacon: I’ve watched Eve Walsh for years. I convinced myself I was doing it for my nephew, Sterling---keeping an eye on his future wife. But nothing could be further from the truth.

When she comes to me, I can’t walk away.

She offers her innocence and I devour her like a glutton.

If she thinks I’ll hand her over to a brute like Sterling, she’s out of her mind.

One taste is all I need. A lifetime with Eve will never be enough