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Matilda Martel

Green-Eyed Monster

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  • Age Gap Romance
  • Millionaire Romance
  • Best Friend's fiancee
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Hispanic hero and heroine
  • steamy romance
  • obsessed hero

Love is blind. Jealousy sees all.

Lola is arranged to marry Edgar.

She thinks she’s happy. He’s handsome. Women love him. Everyone tells her she’ll fall in love with him, too.

Edgar thinks Lola will be a dutiful wife and overlook his many indiscretions. He doesn’t plan to be a good husband, so why pretend to be a good fiancé?

Gael, Edgar’s best friend, is madly in love with Lola. For months, his loyalty prevents him from stealing his friend’s bride, but with weeks left to go, he takes his chance.

All is fair in love and war.

Love may be blind, but insane jealousy brings incredible clarity.

The green-eyed monster strips away Gael’s pride and makes him chase the woman he loves... right to the altar.