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Matilda Martel

Happenstance Signed Paperback (old cover)

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  • Vegas to forever romance
  • age gap romance
  • millionaire romance
  • contemporary romance
  • instalove romance
  • steamy romance

Everything happens for a reason. My mother taught me that.

No one is here by chance, and when your path collides with the right person at the right time, you know it.

I wasn't supposed to be in Vegas, but my buddy needed me.

I shouldn't have been at that hotel bar, but a gnawing feeling led me to it.

One look at Willow Munro, and I knew I'd found the one girl meant for me.

Explosive chemistry and instant love lead us to the altar.

But when the dust settles, my girl has doubts.

She didn't grow up believing in love. She doesn't trust anything this good lasts forever.

But I believe enough for the both of us.

We didn't meet by chance.

It wasn't happenstance. It was fate.

I was always meant to find my Willow.

And we were always meant to fall in love.