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Matilda Martel

His Ward

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Pretty Mara Oliver has spent the last five years at a boarding school in Switzerland, out of sight and mind from her guardian, who only took her in when one one else stepped up to care for her. 
Now that she's 18, billionaire, Levi Moore has summoned her home. He’s never paid her much attention and always treated her like an inconvenience, but now he wants something in return for his years of investment. 
He wants Mara to marry him. 
For years, he's been too busy to find a decent relationship, marry and have a family. Levi wants someone he can trust, and he trusts Mara. She’s beautiful, but she’s also sweet and humble. After he bullies her into saying yes, he realizes there’s so much more to her than the quiet, shy girl he once knew. 
Mara has crushed on Levi for years, her fixation for older, dominant men started with him. He saved her from destitution, she feels she owes him, but can they make a future together?  
Find out! 
If you like over-the-top erotic romances with hot, older, dominant men and eager young ladies anxious to be corrupted by strong, powerful hands, this is the novelette for you!
It's a short read- just under 10k words- a quick snack before bedtime with a guaranteed HEA.