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Love in War

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It was the opportunity of a lifetime. When you work for the top social media company in the world and have your eye on senior management, you go where they send you. I’d help set up our new office in Kyiv, return home the hero and stroll straight into a fat promotion.
It was a chance to spread my wings in the land of my ancestors. I would practice my second language while I climbed the corporate ladder.
Six months and I’d go home.
I never expected to fall in love. I didn’t anticipate falling head over heels for my boss, Olek Petrenko, the man I loved to hate. But it was useless to resist those blue eyes and cocky grin. He reeled me in like a stunned fish---I was powerless to his charm.
Two years later, I don’t recognize my life. I’m blissfully in love, happily married, living in Ukraine, and planning a future in the place I was always meant to be.
Then my world unraveled.
The enemy is here, all around, threatening to steal everything we’ve built and destroy the country I’ve grown to love. When they attack, I’m far from home and three hundred miles from Olek.
He demands I flee to Poland and escape while there’s time. A war-torn country is no place for an American, alone and out of her depth.
But I can’t. 
I won’t. For seven days, I travel night and day to reach him.
He can’t abandon his home, and I won’t leave him behind.
I may be far from where I grew up, but Olek is my home. This is where I belong, and I won’t let them win.

This is a special request from my favorite Ukrainian cover model who wanted a story set in war- but it's still steamy- still a love story and as always, my couple will get their happily ever after.