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Matilda Martel

Love Match

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Lucius Fox has a problem.

His mother.

Mildred “Muffin” Fox still holds the purse strings to his multi-billion-dollar inheritance. And Muffin wants grandchildren.

Fed up with her only son’s dawdling, she gives him an ultimatum. Marry her best friend’s eldest daughter or lose everything—his money, his company, his life’s work.

With so much on the line, he gives in. He’s 42 and hasn’t dated in over a decade. One woman is as good as any other.

Ruby Wilder’s world is crashing down around her. Her eldest sister and nemesis just accepted an arranged proposal with the only man she’s ever loved--- Lucius Fox.

She must stop it. A life without Lucius is hard enough to bear but watching him marry her horrible sister is unacceptable.

She attends their wedding weekend with plans to object at just the right moment, but fate intervenes.

When Rebecca announces she won’t go through with it, 19-year-old Ruby volunteers as tribute and steals the man of her dreams.

Lucius believes they’ll have a marriage of convenience, but Ruby has other plans. Now that she’s won her man, she’ll do whatever it takes to make him fall head over heels in love with her.

And Ruby always gets what she wants.

This is a wide age gap romance (23 years) with a clueless older billionaire and a naive but aggressive teenager who will win the man she loves come hell or high water.