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Matilda Martel

Love Nest

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Carter “The Beast” Jameson is past his expiration date.

Ten years into his hockey career as the Philadelphia Furies number one Enforcer, he’s had enough fights and confrontations to last a lifetime.

He wants peace. He wants joy. And more than anything, he’s ready to settle down with the right woman and start his family.

He’s just bought the house of his dreams and started renovating it for the perfect girl.

But there’s no girl. Not yet.

It doesn’t matter. That’s only a technicality. He’s asked the universe to send him the right woman and he’s open to receive her as soon as she shows up.

Stella Franklin is a children’s librarian who once vowed she’d wait until marriage before diving into the sheets. She was wrong. She’s twenty-two and time’s up. Stella needs a man.

But she wants the right one. Thanks to bickering parents, her family life is a mess. She’ll do better and choose wisely.

She couldn’t possibly choose Carter Jameson. He’s too tall, too big and people call him The Beast.

His relentless stalking infuriates her as much as it turns her on. He swears she’s the one and won’t take no for an answer.

What’s a girl to do when one of the hottest guys in Philadelphia swears you’re his soul mate and wants to fulfill every dream you’ve ever had?