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Matilda Martel

Lucky Man Signed Paperback (Old Cover)

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  • single dad romance
  • neighbor romance
  • instalove romance
  • age gap romance
  • contemporary
  • steamy
  • obsessed alpha
  • virgin heroine


Laszlo Liszt has always been a lucky man.
He’s handsome and rich. His job as a fashion photographer kept him busy dating models and actresses. But all good things end. Just when he feels how empty his life has become, he discovers he has a month-old daughter who’s been abandoned by her mother.
Everything changes, everything’s different. But still, everyone tells him he’s a lucky man. His life is better and yet something’s missing.
He’s in love with his neighbor, Mira. She’s not like anyone he’s ever known and just the type of woman he overlooked in the past. She’s smart, but sweet. Hardworking and uptight, but all heart. Beautiful but unassuming. He knows he doesn’t deserve her but he’s in love for the first time ever.
After a year of raising his daughter alone, can he push his luck one more time and win the girl of his dreams?

This is a single dad romance with a hot but sweet alpha daddy who knows what he wants and charges full steam ahead to land the girl of his dreams. If you've met Laszlo before, enjoy getting to know him even better. If you're reading this for the first time, sit back, pour yourself a piping cup of tea, and get acquainted with the Liszt brothers. Happy Reading!