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Matilda Martel

Making Merry Signed Paperback

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Can a Christmas Grinch woo the holiday-loving girl of his dreams?

Ezra Scofield has no time for Christmas.
Every year he tries his best to avoid the avarice, the commercialism and worst of all the constant holiday cheer. His work is his life and anything else gets in the way.
Until the day young Isabelle Fraser walks into his office.
Sixteen years younger, Belle Fraser is the sunshine to his winter.
Nothing gets her down. She sees the good in everyone she meets. And unlike Ezra, she loves everything about Christmas.
Fixated with this breath of fresh air, grouchy Ezra takes extraordinary measures to snag his holiday-loving girl and make her see he’s more than just the office Grinch.

★ A grouchy Scroogy hero
★ A holiday-loving heroine
★ An Age Gap Romance
★ Office Secret Santa
★ Good natured holiday stalking
★ A sly matchmaking best friend
★ Sexy Times
★ A Happily Ever After with Pups

If you enjoy lots of sugar with your spice, you’ll want to read how Ezra and Belle work their way into a very festive happily ever after- Happy Reading!