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Matilda Martel

Mistletoe & Molly

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This year, Travis and Molly finally come home for Christmas.

Travis Ford ALWAYS loved his neighbor Molly Gunther. From grade school to high school, she was his goddess. But he was the shy, nerdy geek and she was the brainy bombshell homecoming queen. But at a Christmas party during Senior Year, they shared a moment under the mistletoe that blew both their socks off. After that, they were inseparable- madly in love and crazy in lust.
Until high school graduation sent Molly chasing her dreams in New York and Travis following his father’s expectations.

Twelve years have passed. Twelve years of carefully calculated distance to avoid the past. And now, for the first time they’re both home for Christmas.

Still in love. Still stubborn. Can they pick of the pieces, fight for love and chase new dreams together?
This second chance holiday romance, is sweet and steamy, with two soul mates, no cheating and a guaranteed happy ending for everyone!