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Matilda Martel

My Best Friend's Dad

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Serious Lea & flighty Kelsey are nineteen years old, best friends and roommates attending college in New York.

They're thick as thieves, except for that time when Kelsey "stole" Lea's high school boyfriend.

And all those times she leaves Lea to entertain her "boring" father, the college Professor--leaving them alone for hours at a time.

It doesn’t take long for things to heat up between her lonely divorced dad and her naive friend.

The good professor knows he shouldn't pursue his daughter's best friend, but he's too smitten to let young Lea get away.

When Kelsey ditches her Dad and Lea over the Christmas holiday, he jumps at his chance and whisks Lea off to a secret getaway.

Alone, at last, he can tell her how he feels and finally claims Lea’s young innocent body for himself.

Find out what happens when this older man catches his younger woman.