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Matilda Martel

My Fake Husband

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Nineteen-year old Lucy Lynch has been bullied into marrying her gangster father's fixer, James Sullivan, the gorgeous Irishman she loves to argue with on a daily basis after his immigration status is called into question and he's under threat of deportation.

Although they love to bicker, they're undeniably attracted to one another and try to be happy-- except Lucy still believes it's only temporary, while thirty-seven-year-old James, considers it permanent.

Blessed with heavy sexual attraction, they're also cursed with strong wills. When James tries to control her by demanding that she cancel long-held plans to spend her twentieth birthday in Paris, she leaves on her own while he's at work. Furious with her, he shows up in her hotel room with the intent to teach her a lesson and finally put bratty Lucy in her place. But Lucy is just not that kind of girl. No one puts her in her place.

This is a short enemies to lovers romance formerly under a different title, with sexy scenes, humorous situations, no cheating and a guaranteed Happily Ever After