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Matilda Martel

My Second Chance Signed Paperback (Old Cover)

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  • Age Gap Romance
  • Best Friend's Father
  • unrequited love
  • virgin heroine
  • celibate hero
  • Breeding Romance
  • Wide Age Gap

Manhattan Bachelors, Book 14 of 16

What would you do for a second chance to find your first love?

Dr. Calvin Young just turned forty. Divorced for two years, he’s still picking up the pieces of his life, grieving the years he lost and waiting for his second chance to meet his first love.

Tessa Franco just turned twenty and her life revolves around avoiding intimacy. She’s never had a boyfriend. Never goes on dates. But secretly pines for the only man she’s ever loved—-her best friend’s dad.

It’s been five years since she’s seen him. Five years of waiting for her second chance to win his heart.

That time has come.

This is a steamy age gap, Best Friend's Dad, older man younger woman romance with two soul mates, long unrequited love and two people jumping at a second chance to be with their one true love. If you like a sexy sugary romance with a few laughs thrown in, that doesn't take itself too seriously and gives you that sweet happily ever after- you'll like My Second Chance.