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Matilda Martel

Off the Market

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  • Age Gap Romance
  • billionaire romance
  • virgin heroine
  • wide age gap
  • mutual infatuation
  • office romance
  • friends to lovers
  • fake engagement



There is no bigger boys’ club than Wall Street.

I’ve heard that for as long as I can remember. My father warned me to choose another field. Professors cautioned me to gauge my expectations. But that’s never been my style. When I want something, I go out and get it. And I want to be the best.

I came out of business school with my head high, data loaded, and algorithms raring to go---but since then, I’ve hit wall after wall after wall.

The New York Stock Exchange is filled with vermin who only see women as two-dimensional beings placed upon this earth to slake their sexual appetites.

And the prettier you are, the more they feel they’re entitled to harass then dismiss you.

I’ve spent two years honing my skills as an analyst at one of the most prestigious firms on Wall Street, bored out of my mind. So, when my former co-worker, Arlo Nash, offers to make me a managing partner at his new hedge fund, I can’t say no.

He’s got big plans, and I’ve got big dreams. But if I want to be taken seriously on the Exchange, I’ll have to take myself off the market.

I convince Arlo to pretend we’re a couple to keep the traders off my back. We’re both unattached. What harm could it do? I’ve got work to do and no time to waste fending off would-be admirers.

Besides, we always make the best team. It’s a win-win.


I’ve been in love with Maggie since the day we met. Of course, I agreed to be her fake fiancé. Now all I need to do is make her my real wife.