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Matilda Martel

Play Right

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Ajax Easton is a Tony Award-winning playwright used to getting his way. The playwright rules supreme on the Broadway stage, and his latest play, The End of Love, is set to be another hit.

Georgia Madrid is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. She’s just won an Oscar but doesn’t believe she’s taken seriously. Her manager recommends the theater and, specifically, Ajax’s play.

Georgia’s not interested. She hates the theater, but she fears becoming overplayed in Hollywood.

Ajax is a theater snob and doesn’t think a screen actress is right for the role, except Georgia is his muse. He’s harbored a secret crush on her for years, and the prospect of meeting her pushes him to agree.

Big personalities overrule mutual attraction. Sparks combust into fireworks, and lovers become enemies before they realize they couldn’t be a more perfect fit.


This is a steamy contemporary insta-love romantic comedy with an older playwright and his younger leading lady who fall madly in love but keep fumbling their way to their happily ever after.