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  • Age Gap Romance
  • clergy romance
  • secret relationship
  • wide age gap
  • virgin heroine
  • forbidden romance
  • dirty talking hero
  • Obsessed hero

They call me a prophet. I’m not. They tell me I’ve brought about miracles, but that wasn’t me. I only know of one true miracle and her name is Marie Dumont. They say it’s wrong to have these feelings. She’s too young. I'll ruin my reputation. I don’t care. That girl was placed in this world for me. I know it. I can feel it down to my bones.
I won’t deny it’s wrong. This is forbidden in more ways than one.

I’m her pastor. She’s almost half my age. Her father will refuse. Rumor has it, she’s engaged. None of that matters. My biggest obstacle, the one that made my fixation illegal, disappeared two months ago.

She eighteen. She’s a woman.
My pulpit be damned. 
She’ll be mine.