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Matilda Martel

Same Old Song

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  • Age Gap Romance
  • billionaire romance
  • virgin heroine
  • wide age gap
  • mutual obsession
  • second chance romance
  • fling to forever


Two obsessions. Two people who long to be with one another but believe they're unsuitable. Find out what happens when doubts fall away and two soul mates finally sing the same song.


It’s the same old song. Boy meets girl. Girl throws herself at boy. They share a magical night, and she disappears like a thief in the night with memories she’ll cherish forever.

My love for Trevor was nothing more than an innocent fantasy. For the first time, I dared myself to reach for the stars and chase after my sweetest dream. I’d sneak a flyer from my performance into his inbox. It was a long shot, but it was his favorite club, and I’d worked so hard to snag that gig.

Maybe he’d show up. Perhaps he’d like the way I sang and invite me for a drink. I’d take my shot and offer him everything I’d saved just for him. All I wanted was one night to savor on days when the loneliness becomes too much to bear.

Maybe that’s not the same old song, but that’s how I planned it. A girl like Fallon James doesn’t end up with a man like Trevor Rowan. Girls like me disappear into obscurity where we belong.

I didn’t realize Trevor had plans of his own.


Some men send flowers. I wanted to make my girl’s dreams come true.

Fallon James was eighteen when I saw her sitting by a piano, singing her heart out in a tiny club in Soho. With one look, she stole my heart and imprinted on my soul. Our twenty-year age difference made me unsuitable, but as soon as I held her in my arms, there was no going back.

We shared a night---the best night of my life---but when the sun came up, and reality hit, my beautiful girl was gone.

There was no use trying to forget her. A man knows when his heart is won.

Even if she couldn’t be mine, I silently vowed to give her whatever she wanted---to grant every wish and make every dream come true.

I worked behind the scenes and watched from the shadows. Fallon’s records topped the charts---her concerts sold out. She became a rock goddess and the object of my ultimate obsession.

I did it for her. She deserved to reach her highest potential and be surrounded by people who adore her.

I just never expected it to blow up in my face.

She isn’t happy. She isn’t appreciated. With every show, her light grows dimmer, and the people who surround her, who owe everything to her genius, take advantage of her kindness.

I won’t let that stand.

Fallon James wanted to forget me. But she hasn’t met the real me yet.

She doesn’t know the length I’ve gone, the depths I’ve sunk, or how much more I’m willing to do to make her love me.

But she’s about to find out.