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Matilda Martel

She's Like Texas

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  • second chance romance
  • later in life romance
  • contemporary romance
  • steamy romance
  • rock star romance
  • Safe, no cheating


They say the blues tells a story, but legendary blues guitarist, Nathan Gale, has run out of words.
Fifteen years ago, he had the world at his feet--- his first platinum record, a sold-out tour, and the girl of his dreams by his side.
Then everything changed. Fame swallowed him whole. His passion for music faded. And a love that felt eternal couldn’t survive the demands of his celebrity.
Without Lucinda, his music has no soul. Without her, he’s a man without a heart.
Five years ago, Nathan Gale lost his world.
This year, he’s going home to Texas--- 
and he's getting her back.