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Matilda Martel

Shut Up & Kiss Me

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Byron Wolff and Tabitha Devine are the best of friends.
They’re also secretly in love. Byron is desperate to be with his Tabby, but he’s afraid his crazy, needy side will scare her away and ruin the only healthy relationship he’s ever had.
In the meantime, he continuously meddles in every date and relationship she has, fearing someone else will take her away before he works up the courage to tell her how he feels.
Tabitha is lovesick over Byron, but after three years of waiting for him to take things to another level, she fears he’ll never see her as anything more than a friend--- and her patience is running thin.
When her new boss sees right through Byron, he decides to light a fire under Byron’s behind--- scaring him to dive off the cliff and chase his true love.
This is a friends to lovers steamy romantic comedy about two best friends who need to shut up and finally say I love you. As always there’s no cheating and a guaranteed, happily ever after.