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Matilda Martel

Simmering for the Sous Chef

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Lance Malone is at the top of his game.
He’s a famous New York chef with two bustling French bistros and a Cuisine Channel show in the works. Long hours, tough gigs, and ruthless employers are a thing of the past. He’s his own boss, his own man, and he plays by his own rules. The last thing he needs is a life coach.
Until he meets Tara Atwell, self-proclaimed life coach extraordinaire.
Tara was born to be a lady of leisure in an upper-crust world that never felt right.
She doesn’t want that life.
She doesn’t want the dull rich boys her parents expect her to marry.
She just wants to be the best life coach she can be.
And if fate can manage it---she’d really like to impress her hunky new friend with mad skills in the kitchen.
She hopes to guide him to his true passion.
Little does she know--
-it’s her.