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Matilda Martel

Snowed in with the Boss

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  • Age Gap Romance
  • billionaire romance
  • fling to forever
  • mutual obsession
  • second chance romance
  • dirty talking hero


He's a reformed bad boy with a long-term plan to win the girl he loves. She's a clueless good girl trying to forget a momentary lapse of reason. When a blizzard traps them together, will a big romantic gesture be enough to heat things up?

Levi Chamberlain never thought he’d settle down. Handsome and rich, he’s traveled the world and lived exactly as he wanted. When his father passes, he takes one last nostalgic trip down memory lane to a mountain resort his father loved. While there, he meets Phoebe Love--- a quirky girl who wants a wild fling to shake up her sensible life.
After one hot, memorable night, they part ways. Phoebe returns to New York, and Levi secretly follows--- waiting for his second chance to win Phoebe’s heart.
Phoebe Love doesn’t think she’s built for relationships. Her wealthy parents tried to convince her she was only fit to be a lady of leisure, but she tried her best to prove them wrong. She can’t let a temporary slip-up or a momentary indiscretion with a gorgeous stranger stop her from reaching her goals.
It’s best to put it all behind her--- except he won’t go away.
In a city of eight million, Levi Chamberlain finds a way to be around every corner.
He moves nearby. Frequents the same coffee shop. Shows up to the same bars. Then tricks her into accepting a new position, a once-in-a-lifetime job, days before he’s officially named CEO.
She should walk away. But it’s the best job, with the best title and salary she’s ever had. If she can only resist the hot man down the hall a little longer, everything will work out.
But mother nature throws a wrench in her plans.
A polar vortex blows in and shuts the Northeast down. Alone in another city, Phoebe’s cold, hungry, and scared out of her wits. Until the boss she loves to hate shows up and saves the day.
Will he win her heart?