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Matilda Martel

Stolen by the Mountain King

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Young and innocent Princess Calla is abruptly seized and brought to the imposing King Marius of Eskar, known as the Mountain King, a man whose formidable presence is matched only by his unyielding desire to claim her delicate body. 

Destined to marry her childhood friend, Prince Alfred, Princess Calla's world is upended when she is abducted by the forces of Marius, the brutal king ensconced in his mountain stronghold and a fierce adversary of her betrothed. 

Amidst the towering warriors of Eskar, Calla stands out with her graceful beauty and pleads to return to her homeland. However, Marius is utterly bewitched by the petite, exquisite princess and resolves to keep her, aiming to crown her his queen. 

While Prince Alfred strives to reclaim his betrothed, Marius races against time to consummate their union, cementing his claim. Yet, their significant physical disparity presents a daunting challenge, leaving Calla caught between the powerful desires of a king who will not relent and her loyalty to the life she once knew. 

Stolen by the Mountain King is a steamy historical short romance with explicit content. It's intended for mature readers.