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Matilda Martel

The Divine Right of Damian King

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Annette Moreau has a family secret.

Over two hundred years ago, her family cursed the mighty King family of Mount Royal, New York, ruthless billionaire tyrants who rule the city with an iron fist.

Everyone pays fealty. Everyone fears their wrath.

But there is one family they leave alone---The Moreaus.

Damian King has already seen two generations fall prey to the curse of the Moreaus. His father and grandfather were driven insane over their unrequited love for Moreau women---a curse that's afflicted every King patriarch since it was cast.

For most of his life, he refuses to believe the curse was real.

Until he laid eyes on young Annette Moreau and realized she was the one who'd unravel his sanity.

Damian spends years stalking Annette, threatening and buying people off, asserting his family's absolute power to draw Annette to him.

Marrying Annette will break the ancient curse---but can he make her love him?