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Matilda Martel

The Good Girl

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Silas Mitchell wants a family. Tired of his womanizing ways that have left him alone at 37, he wants to find a good girl, someone to settle down with and make an honest man out of him.

Kitty Evans is not a good girl. Weeks from her 19th birthday, she finds herself in the center of a seedy love triangle that could scandalize her megachurch pastor father’s reputation if she doesn’t marry one of the gentlemen in question. But Kitty is not the marrying kind. A quick call to her favorite grandmother and she’s whisked off to Austin to start a new life.

Although Kitty swears off men, temporarily, sparks fly when she meets the older Silas Mitchell at a local church. Silas is on the prowl for his good girl and he’s never met anyone prettier and sexier than Miss Kitty Evans. He knows she’s an inappropriate choice, too young to settle down and start a family, but he’s hooked.

When he gets past her perfect exterior, he learns more about the real Kitty--the smart, vulnerable girl behind the sexy veneer, and he falls head over heels. If only he can make her believe there truly is a good girl lurking somewhere inside her after all.

This Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance is a lighthearted romantic comedy heavy on the steam with a guaranteed.