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Matilda Martel

The Man I Love

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Henry “Hank” Shepherd is in his forties, a legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning author who hasn’t published a book in years. He’s moved to Vermont for peace and quiet, hoping to find inspiration.
But inspiration is nowhere to be found.
Not until, Chloe Burnett, a young author, moves into the much bigger house next door.
She’s a publishing phenom, churning out novels monthly, adapting screenplays and never lacking for inspiration.
Reclusive Hank is transfixed. He feels drawn to the young, beautiful social butterfly, but feels too old to be considered.
Of course, Henry has no idea, he’s the reason Chloe moved in.
This is an older man younger woman steamy romantic comedy, with an enemies to lovers twist, two terrible stalkers who just want to be together and are too dense to admit it, no cheating, one cat, a spoiled dachshund and a guaranteed happy ending.