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Matilda Martel

The Pastor

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Pastor Troy Donovan is only visiting for the summer. He’s leaving Texas for New Hampshire in six weeks and didn’t think he was in the market for a wife, especially one as young as 18-year-old Sadie Quinn. But ever since he first laid eyes on the pretty brunette, he hasn’t been able to think of anything else.

Wanting to get Sadie away from her cruel mother, Pastor Troy attempts to woo her, with an old-fashioned romance, culminating in their wedding before their departure, but his increasing lust, Sadie’s growing curiosity, a possible second suitor and her mother’s meddling make it almost impossible for him to do the right thing by his angelic Sadie.

If you like the premise of a sweet, old-fashioned type romance, but still like a steamy, sticky romance to spice things up, this is both! There is No cheating, a Guaranteed Happily Ever After- Not Even Premarital Sex! What? Well, Fantasies don’t count! Enjoy!