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Matilda Martel

There She Goes

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Luna Forsythe is beautiful, funny, smart and comes from one of the most prestigious families in New York.

Her parents want to arrange her to Max Butler, a billionaire's son who could save them from bankruptcy, but Luna is not the kind of girl who takes orders from anyone.

And although she pretends to hate Max, she's been having a secret affair with him for two years, running away every time things grow too serious.

But Max has had enough.

Maxwell Butler is madly in love with Luna, but he can’t get her to commit to marrying him. Tired of waiting, he negotiates an arrangement with her parents that threatens to leave her destitute if she doesn’t comply.

Pressured to marry before she’s ready, Luna must confront her crippling fear of love and learn to let her guard down before she forever loses the love of her life.