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Matilda Martel

Vanished in Manhattan

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Everyone thinks I'm a good daughter. For eighteen years, I've played the part, swallowed my anger, and kept silent. My parents believe I'm crazy enough to marry that madman, Divo Talerico. They're mistaken.

Behind the scenes, I've made plans, saved every penny, and prayed everything will fall into place. The day before my wedding, I make my escape and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then he appears. My father's greatest rival, the wolf of Manhattan, Enzo Lupo, comes out of the shadows and kidnaps me.

He says he loves me but keeps me a captive in his gilded cage. He's beautiful, ruthless and his kisses make me feel things I've never felt before. But I won't run from one prison into another. I'll bide my time, make him trust me, and run again.

No cage can hold me.


Manhattan is mine. In this city's underworld, everyone kneels to me. I've worked hard to build my reputation with bullets and blood, and yet, it's never enough. Everywhere I look, people want to take what's mine. I've devoted my life to building what my father started and keeping the power we've rightfully won. I spend so much time protecting my territory, I've given up the things we Sicilians cherish most, family.

My life is too dangerous to drag a good woman into my world, and I vowed long ago I wouldn't show weakness to anyone.

Or so I thought.

No one is more off-limits than Gala Lombardo. She's too young and meant for another man. But I can't help myself. Those big blue eyes, sharp curves, and full cherry lips were placed in this world for me, and I'll be damned if I let another man take what belongs to me.

In a moment of love and lunacy, I steal her away in the night and trigger a war that could ruin me for good. Bring it on. I'll destroy my enemies and make Gala the Queen of Manhattan. With her by my side, I'll rule the world.

If only she'd love me.