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Matilda Martel

Virgin Snow

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Gordon Tate needs a change of scenery. Big city lights and crowded spaces have dimmed his muse months before the biggest show of his career.
He needs inspiration. He needs to escape into the mountains, to the place he once called home, and pray his muse finds him there.
It doesn’t.
Two weeks in Telluride produces nothing but mediocre paintings unfit for human consumption. In desperation, he submits an ad requesting live models---preferably someone comfortable with nudity.
After a string of disappointments, he meets the perfect model, and his vision returns with a vengeance. Greer Wells does more than awaken his creativity. She inspires love--- an emotion he’s never truly known.
Slight misunderstandings become naughty misadventures, then fumble into the shock of his life.
She’s too young and too off-limits for him. What kind of man fools around his best friend’s daughter?
Gordon Tate does--- 
and he’s not sure he can stop.
After all, what’s a great friendship worth when you’ve finally found the love of your life?