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Matilda Martel

We'll Always Have Paris

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  • Age Gap Romance
  • billionaire romance
  • virgin heroine
  • possessive alpha hero
  • forbidden love
  • Best Friend's Father
  • steamy romance


I’ve always believed true love is for the few and fortunate.
My parents are still wildly in love. My baby brother fell head over heels in Vegas and has a baby on the way. Everywhere I look, people are dropping like flies and diving headfirst into lives of blissful matrimony.
They’re the lucky ones.
 Not me.
My sixteen-year marriage was a miserable failure. The only thing my ex-wife and I did right was produce my incredibly charming, sometimes smart-ass daughter, Cora.
Three years into college, Cora thinks she knows everything about life. She’s ready to take on the world and doesn’t want to worry about her lonely old man. Her mom is happily married---why can’t I get with the program?
I wish it was that simple. I’m forty-three years old and too set in my ways to take a chance on love. No one appeals to me. No one moves me enough to try again.
Until I meet Daisy Ford.
One glance, and she knocks me on my ass. One word, and I know she’s the girl for me. All I want to do is live in her arms all the days of my life.
But I can’t. Daisy’s too young, unavailable, and gorgeous for an old man like me.
But what if? What if this perfect girl was meant to be mine?
Mad love makes people do crazy things, and I’m no exception.
When I find out she’s called off her engagement and booked a tour of Europe, I take my first vacation in years and follow her across the ocean.
In Paris, away from prying eyes and our life back home, I’ll play the only hand I have.
Love me, and I’ll worship you all the days of my life.